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Keeping vintage radios alive!


British Amateur Radio Station G4DDI is located between Boston and Spilsby in Lincolnshire,

QRA Locator JO03AB.

Operator Colin Guy


This is my Shack; this picture was taken in July 2004, when the shack was reasonably tidy! It doesn't always look like this! 

I operate on all amateur bands from Topband to 70cm, using vintage equipment - the most modern piece of gear that I own (apart from a 2 metre handheld) was manufactured in 1977 - and that is a military PRC320. I can repair and maintain every piece of equipment I own - If I can't maintain it, it isn't allowed in the shack. I have no interest whatsoever in Japanese microprocessor boxes or internet linking - I can just as easily talk to someone the other side of the world using my mobile phone!   
Although I have no military connections, in recent years I have found repairing and operating vintage, and not so vintage military gear on the amateur bands to be an interesting and rewarding aspect of the hobby.  This type of equipment, as well as older amateur radio equipment, is straightforward to repair as well as being easier to operate than the modern stuff, which seems mostly to consist of a computer with a bit of RF circuitry tacked on, as well as being to tiny to see!       

I have no time for those so-called radio amateurs who buy a box from a dealer for silly money and then "take it back" if something goes wrong with it, but I will talk all day to anyone prepared to build, experiment, repair!

Click on the links below for a "tour" of my shack.
How I got into Amateur radio.

Some of the radios I have restored.

Restoration of a T1509


160m portable 23rd April 2006


Above is the shack as it was in 2000